Naughty & Spice is a burlesque troupe in Nanaimo, BC that I used to help manage and perform with. When I joined the troupe they had a website but it was a bit dated and on a content management system that was very expensive, as well as difficult to update. It also did not run very well on mobile. Not exactly ideal for a dance troupe who performed burlesque as a hobby for the most part.

I worked with one of the other troupe members who was a graphic designer to modernize the logo and our marketing materials, and then I ported the website over to a much easier to use content management system: WordPress. One of the reasons that I love WordPress for small business or hobby websites like this is its versatility, on the Naughty & Spice website we were able to set up galleries for each performer, a list of upcoming and past shows, as well as an online store where customers could purchase art prints of the girls and t-shirts. This was before services like Shopify were commonplace, I think if I were to set up this website again now I would use an e-commerce platform such as Shopify or BigCommerce separate from the website, but it really depends on what the situation is and what your unique needs are.

This was a fun project for me, and not just because of my involvement with the troupe. I love giving websites facelifts and making them look fresh and modern. With the troupe we wanted the website to mimic our style, so it needed to be bright and colourful and we really wanted to utilize the great professional photography we’d had done for the troupe.

For the troupe the main thing was to show up in local search results for terms like ‘burlesque Nanaimo’ and other things, so having a website was really important. The way that search engine optimization works for local results vs. the whole internet is a little different and it was really interesting to learn. We did get bookings through our website, so it was definitely effective!

If you are part of a club or group and would like to have a website that showcases what you do, let me know! I can fully appreciate that there will most likely not be a big budget for these types of projects, but you don’t have to spend a ton of money to get a great website. Let me know what sorts of things you’d like your website to do, what the budget is, and we can go from there! I’m especially interested in working with artists of any kind, it would be wonderful to help showcase your work.